Finding Meaning

Do you have the ability to check things off of your to do list (goals, achievements, financial and material success) but still find you are missing something?  Tongeren talks about finding meaning at

Empowerment through boundaries

Are you the kind of individual that has a difficult time saying no?  Do you have a hard time standing up for yourself without feeling bad about it?  Wehrenberg discusses how limit setting assists in our ability to stand up for ourself at

Manipulation and Coercion — is it abuse?

Physical abuse.  Visible signs, such as bruises, may be easily spotted.  What if it is not so visible?  What if it is hard to explain to others?  What if it is difficult to identify when you are in that relationship?  Fontes talks about intimate partner abuse disguised as love at

Motivation — losing it, getting it back and the 10 second shift

We all fall short at times when it comes to motivating ourselves toward our goals.  We lose that momentum, begin to procrastinate, believe that it was not worth it or that we do not deserve it anyway.  What can you do to get yourself back on track and move forward?  Gilbertson talks about the 10… Read More