New Ownership

I am so excited to have become the new owner of The Creative Arts Space.  The warm handoff occurred recently as Carol Olson, the original owner who built the company from day one, passed the baton.  I certainly have big shoes to fill!

With the new location in Hopewell, Virginia, I have chosen to go back to the roots of The Creative Arts Space – that of art therapy, art as wellness and fostering growth.

I fully intend on incorporating my own specialty in trauma work as well as art therapy and counseling in the furtherance of this healing work.

I am Melanie Gardner, LPC, ATR-BC, CTS, CTAS.  I am a licensed professional counselor, board certified art therapist and certified trauma specialist.  I have been working with children and adults for numerous years assisting them through difficult times in their lives.  I have a great deal of experience working with individuals who have been traumatized (military combat, sexual assault, domestic violence, witness to violent deaths, abandonment issues).   I have been certified as an expert in clinical trauma by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

I look forward to assisting you.

Please check back for more updates as I continue to grow this practice (and the website)!


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