Caring for the Self

It was a privileged to be asked to guest speak in Dr. Mahri Irvine’s Anthropology class at American University.

The topic focused on, was vicarious trauma, art therapy, and self-care.

Below is a great resource to examine the differences between ‘burnout’ ‘compassion fatigue’ and ‘vicarious trauma’

If you are in a helping profession, in journalism or a documenting profession, an activist, or are in another profession that can cause these symptoms, or in life in general, ‘burnout’ ‘compassion fatigue’ and ‘vicarious trauma’ can easily be experienced without regular self-care.

For self-care it is important to care for yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and to rejuvenate the spirit.

Yoga, Art-Making, Essential Oils, Massage, Interpersonal Supports, and Nature can all offer easy to use tools to prevent the following or to rebalance when the following does occur.

For more information on self-care feel free to comment below or email me at

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